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Tony the Theatre Dog is a new children’s illustrated book series by Glen C. Kinnaird, a playwright, and author living in New York City with his dog, Tony.  Our series begins with Kinnaird’s first book, “Puttin on a Show.” The inspiration for the books began after the author adopted an eight-week-old puppy in the fall of 2008 and named him Tony. Little did Kinnaird know, their life would soon be changed by fate, taking them on amazing adventures together.

In 2010, while taking a break from his work as an interior designer, Kinnaird and Tony joined a friend who took them on the journey of a well-known musical that was being re-invented for a new national tour. Together they experienced the behind the scenes world of theatre from an insiders perspective. Tony was a hit with the producers, creatives, cast a crew and one day during rehearsals took on the name, Tony the Theatre Dog. The name stuck and the rest is history.

Now, Tony is by his partner’s side in New York City, always ready to offer his Four Paw reviews on new shows or maybe lend a hand backstage offering his sage advice as a producing partner. This new book series will show children through illustrations and Tony's fictional world the ins and outs of live theatre, a behind-the-scenes look. Let Tony take you on a journey to discover new careers and the characters working in them that make live theatre happen. Readers both young and old will enjoy this whimsical journey and hopefully will follow the series as Tony takes us on more magical theatrical adventures.


You might see Glen & Tony "Live" soon in a book store or library near you. 

About the Author

- Glen C. Kinnaird, Author -
Tony the Theatre Dog

Glen C. Kinnaird is a playwright and author living in New York City with his best friend, Tony the Theatre Dog. The idea for this new children’s book series came in 2010 when Glen and Tony joined friends who were rehearsing a national tour of a well-known Broadway show. Tony was an instant sensation with the cast and crew and was soon nicknamed, "Tony the Theatre Dog." His first adventure story was developed to educate children about the world of performing arts from Tony's perspective. Tony and his new friends teach readers what it takes to put on a really cool show! Before moving to New York City in 2006 to follow a dream of becoming a playwright and author, Kinnaird earned a B. A. in Communications and Public Relations along with a degree in Theatre, specifically playwriting and writing for performance from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He would like to thank his parents Leon and Clara Kinnaird and his sister Layneigha Kinnaird for supporting his dreams throughout his life.  Author Page on BookBaby (Click Here)

"The World Needs New Stories!"

- Livvy Porrill -

Livvy Porrill is an artist and illustrator who took part in a Summer Theatre Camp in  Gardendale, Alabama in 2016. It was there when Porrill met director and author of Tony the Theatre Dog book series, Glen C. Kinnaird. Kinnaird had begun writing the first book in the series and had not selected an illustrator. Porrill shared drawings she made of the characters in Disney's Alice in Wonderland with Kinnaird. After discussions about the book, Glen asked Livvy to draw an animated version of Tony, his dog. The rest is history. Porrill would later join Kinnaird on the project to illustrate Tony and the world of theatre Kinnaird had created using dogs from both their lives as inspiration for the characters Tony meets in the books.  Porrill has illustrated the first book in the series, Tony the Theatre Dog; Puttin' On A Show. This is the first illustrated book for Kinnaird and Porrill. Soon, Porrill will be attending the prestigious Syracuse University in the fall of 2019 to study architecture. She hopes to join Kinnaird and Tony as she continues illustrating other books in the Tony the Theatre Dog Series.

"Believe in the Power of a Dream!"

About the Illustrator

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