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About Tony

Tony the Theatre Dog by Glen C. Kinnaird is a new children’s illustrated book series that begins with Kinnaird’s first book, “Puttin on a Show.” The author and playwright, Glen C. Kinnaird adopted an eight-week-old puppy (rescued from a puppy mill) in the fall of 2008 and named him Tony.

Little did Glen know, their life together would take them on some amazing adventures over the next few years. In 2010, while taking a break from his work as an interior designer, Kinnaird and Tony experienced the world of professional theatre from an inside perspective. A friend took them on the journey of a well-known musical that was being re-invented for a new national tour. Tony was a hit with the cast and crew and quickly took on the name, Tony the Theatre Dog. The name stuck and the rest is history.


Nowadays, Tony is by his partner Glen's side and is always ready to offer his Four Paw reviews on new shows or maybe lend a hand backstage offering his sage advice as a producing partner or maybe helping build and paint the sets. These new books begin by educating children through illustrations about the world of theatre. Kids get a behind the scenes view of what happens when theatre is created. Tony takes readers on a journey to discover new careers and the characters that make live theatre happen. Readers both young and old will enjoy this whimsical journey and hopefully will follow the series as Tony takes us on more magical theatrical adventures.


You might see Glen & Tony "Live" soon in a book store or library near you.

Tony the Theatre Dog takes kids behind the curtain
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Industry Reviews

"I found Tony the Theatre Dog a total delight. It's a fantastic introduction to live theatre for young readers."

"An inspiring and uplifting message about how to work with others to be successful in putting on a show as well as in life."


Matt West, Broadway Choreographer

Kara Kennedy, North Jefferson Arts Alliance


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